Hi, my name’s David and I love photography.

I bought my first camera in 2003. It was a HP Photosmart 850. Not a spectacular camera by any means but you could get reasonably good results and I loved it.  At that point photography wasn’t even really a hobby (although I’m sure others who knew me at the time would beg to differ), but in all honesty the camera just came out when I was going somewhere on holiday or for special occasions.

This all changed however during a weekend in Belfast in 2004 with my brother and a couple of his friends, Ben and John.  Ben owned a Canon 300D and let me try it out for size. It had a whole bunch of knobs, dials and buttons, none of which I knew anything about but I remember thinking that it was beautiful and that I wouldn’t be happy until I had my own.

The relationship with the 850 was in turmoil.

Within a few months I had my very own 300D and I became an official camera nerd.

I took it everywhere with me and probably annoyed everyone around me as I’m sure it seemed as though I could hardly put the thing down.  I remember taking it on it’s first foreign holiday to Croatia and how we joked that I’d come back with half a tan face as the sun hasn’t had a chance to even see the other half as it was constantly covered by the camera. It wasn’t so far from the truth.

A few years and a few camera models later and here I am.

I love photography through and through.  Everything about it satisfies me. From holding a new camera body or lens and dying to try it out to getting that perfect shot just as you wanted.

I’ve often been asked “What do you take?”. Well, to be honest I just take whatever interests me. Whether it’s people, a landscape, an old ruin, modern architecture, street scenes or something entirely abstract. If I look at it and I like what I see, I’ll shoot it. Simple as that really.

I really hope you enjoy your time on my site. Feel free to drop me a line or comment on any of the posts, I’d love to hear from you.

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